Round-up of Top Three BB Creams

What’s your favorite quick makeup fix? No, not lipstick. Your little friend that conceals all your acne marks, blemishes, dark circles and fills those open pores too. Not to mention, makes your puffy eyes look normal when you’ve cried all night or just suffering from insomnia. Basically a cream but works like magic on days when you are not willing to put on makeup, which is like most days with me.

I stopped using BB cream years back after having a discomforting experience with the one I was using then. I was introduced with one a couple of months back and started using it on daily basis. After which I tried a few more and picked three I found best. But before we get to that part, let’s get the WHATS and WHYS out of the way.


All-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. Suitable for all skin types.


I personally have slightly oily skin especially on the forehead so like any other liquid foundation, I tend to have oil from Saudi Arabia oozing from my forehead after some hours hence dabbing from tissue is inevitable and helps. That being said, on days when I want to wear makeup to work but don’t want makeup, BB cream comes into play. Just a tiny droplet of these works like magic and gives your face just the glow you need hiding all the imperfections. After which, there is no need for foundation or concealer, etc. And the best part is that these are lightweight and long-lasting. And while I am not somebody who uses her finger to apply, I enjoy applying BB cream using ring finger. So here goes my faves.


  1. Clazona BB+ Cream

It’s the newest in market and been introduced in four skin shades namely Roman Brite, Ivory, Neutral, and Asian Glow [from light to dark].


PKR 500


  1. Note BB Cream

I personally love most of their products. Their BB cream has SPF 15 and is Paraben-free but available in three shades only.


PKR 1,285


  1. Color Studio Pro Mineral BB Cream

Comes in pocket-friendly size and also comes with SPF 15 protection and is Paraben-free.


PKR 650
*Retail Price

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